The Flavour Point Diet

March 31, 2006 in Weight Management

The Flavour Point Diet

Can your taste buds tell your brain that your stomach is full? Apparently so, according to the theory behind The Flavour Point Diet (Rodale Books, January 2006) by Dr. David L. Katz of Yale University . This book advises dieters on how to combine foods according to their flavours, to "trick the brain into being satisfied all day long", a theory supported by research at the Yale Center. The publisher promises that this diet enables you to lose weight quickly and safely, while maximizing eating pleasure and optimizing health for guaranteed permanent weight loss.

Foods are selected and combined by flavor, so that Flavour Point dieters don't eat when they don't need to. Following "flavor themes," readers are taught to combine the "right" flavours and separate the "wrong" ones in order to reach the "Flavor Point", which is the moment at which they feel completely full and satisfied. Reaching the Flavour Point means it takes less food and calories to turn off the brain's appetite center.

The book boasts 6 weeks of menu plans, over 100 new recipes and dozens of tools on how to adapt the plan to one's personal taste and lifestyle. Katz has authored and co-authored 7 books including, "The Way to Eat" (Sourcebooks, Inc.: December 2002) and serves as the nutrition columnist for "O" the Oprah Magazine.

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