KFC Canada goes trans fat free

November 9, 2006 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Nutrition Topics in the News

KFC Canada goes trans fat free

KFC Canada announced recently that early in 2007, their menu items will be virtually trans-fat-free, thanks to a planned switch to canola oil. The cooking oil has also been found to reduce saturated fat levels in many products by 40 percent. The company asserts that their menu items will still be "finger lickin' good".

Trans fat has been on consumers' and food manufacturers' least wanted list as studies have piled up the evidence that trans fat raises LDL (bad) blood cholesterol and lowers HDL (good) blood cholesterol levels, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.

Reducing your intake of saturated and trans fats is a positive step towards a healthier lifestyle, and food companies that help us do so definitely deserve brownie points.

Whether it's French fries, baked goods, or fried chicken, keep in mind that trans-fat-free does not mean fat-free or calorie-free. All sorts of foods can be enjoyed in a healthy diet - moderation is the key.

Leslie's note: Let's not forget that KFC is still loaded with fat and sodium. A healthy food it is not, regardless of being trans fat free.

Click here for the http://www.cnw.ca/en/releases/archive/October2006/30/c5869.html or visit <www.kfc.ca>http://www.kfc.ca/home/en/index.html

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