Soy isoflavones lower prostate cancer risk

March 14, 2007 in Cancer Prevention, Nutrition Topics in the News

Soy isoflavones lower prostate cancer risk

Researchers from Japan's National Cancer Centre report that increased intakes of soy isoflavones may lower prostate cancer risk by up to 50 percent.

Isoflavones are natural compounds that act as phytoestrogens in the body.  The major isoflavone in soy is genistein.

The study of more than 43,000 men with an average age of 57 reported their dietary intake using a food frequency questionnaire for five years.

The highest intake of soy isoflavones (32.8 milligrams of genistein per day) was associated with a 40 percent lower risk of localized prostate cancer compared to those with the lowest intake.

In men over 60, the protective effect was even stronger - the highest intakes of soy isoflavones were associated with a 50 percent lower risk.

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