Healthy lifestyle protects women's hearts

July 11, 2000 in Heart Health, Nutrition Topics in the News, Women's Health

Healthy lifestyle protects women's hearts

If you're a non-smoking woman who exercises and eats well, keep up the good work! A new Harvard University study shows that a healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of heart disease in women by more than 80%.

Unfortunately, a mere 3% of over 84,000 women in the study met the researchers' definition of a healthy lifestyle. The Harvard study considered women to be at low risk if they did not smoke, were not overweight, drank at least half an alcoholic drink a day, spent at least 30 minutes a day exercising moderately or vigorously, and ate a high-fibre diet low in saturated fat.

The researchers found that all aspects of a healthy lifestyle were linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Those women in the low-risk group were more than 80% less likely to have a heart attack or die from heart disease. In fact, the researchers estimate that 82% of heart attacks and heart-related deaths could have been prevented if all of the women had adopted the low-risk lifestyle.

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