Gingko extract improves mental function in Alzheimer's patients

August 8, 2000 in Nutrition Topics in the News, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

Gingko extract improves mental function in Alzheimer's patients

A new analysis shows the patented Ginkgo biloba extract, EGb 761, to effectively improve the mental function of Alzheimer's disease and dementia patients within the first 26 weeks of treatment.

In a double blind, placebo controlled study, changes in the cognitive function, daily living and social behavior of 309 patients were evaluated. While study participants receiving 120 mg per day of the patented EGb761 extract exhibited clinically relevant improvement, the placebo group showed significant worsening in two areas of assessment.

Regarding safety, no differences between the two groups were observed. Specifically, 26% of the patients in the Ginkgo group achieved at least a 4-point improvement one score and 30% improved on another measure of cognitive function. The Gingko extract Egb 761 is sold as Ginkoba (Pharmaton), Ginkgold (Nature's Way) and Quanterra Mental Sharpness (Warner-Lambert).

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