High boron intake may lower prostate cancer risk

April 10, 2001 in Cancer Prevention, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

High boron intake may lower prostate cancer risk

New study findings suggest that men who consume high levels of boron, a mineral found in fruits, vegetables and nuts, reduce their risk of prostate cancer. Scientists from the University of California-Los Angeles School of Public Health compared the diets of 76 men diagnosed with prostate cancer to the diets of 7,751 healthy males. When the men were divided into four groups, based on their consumption of boron, the men in the highest-consumption group had a 64% lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

It appears that the more boron-rich foods and beverages consumed, the greater the protection.

It appears that consuming 3.5 servings of boron-rich fruits and one serving of nuts each day would put men in the top quartile. (One serving of nuts is the equivalent of a handful of peanuts or almonds.) Other good boron sources include grapes, dried fruits, avocados, red wine or grape juice.

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