Low-carb dieters gain more over holiday season

October 29, 2003 in Nutrition Topics in the News, Weight Management

Low-carb dieters gain more over holiday season

Followers of the popular low-carbohydrate diets may gain more than the average amount of weight when they sit down to this season's holiday meals, says one expert.

The danger is overeating when low-carbohydrate dieters pack their plates with the foods they have been denying themselves all year, like potatoes, cookies and cakes.

A recent report found that people tend to gain an average of around one pound every holiday season. While that amount may seem slight, the study also discovered that people rarely lose that extra weight, causing it to accumulate year after year.

Some tips to prevent the holiday bulge: don't starve yourself before a big meal; try not to gorge on holiday treats; keep up your normal exercise habits and monitor how much alcohol you drink, which can also increase your calorie intake. And this year's New Year's resolution for low-carbohydrate dieters should be to abandon their overly strict regime, the researchers said.

Carbohydrates serve as our bodies' primary source of fuel for the brain and muscles. But not all carbohydrates are created equal. Healthful carbs include whole grains, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice and whole-wheat pasta. It is best to avoid carbohydrates made from refined white flour, such as white bread, pasta and sugary cereal.

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