Consumer Reports: Weight Watchers is best diet

May 18, 2005 in Nutrition Topics in the News, Weight Management

Consumer Reports: Weight Watchers is best diet

Consumer Reports, the magazine best known for comparing prices and household appliances, has ranked Weight Watchers as the number one diet plan. Weight Watchers was given praise by the magazine for being balanced, low fat and providing its participants with weekly meetings.

Other diets that topped the list included Slim Fast and the �Zone� followed by the Ornish plan. The Atkins diet received the lowest possible ranking, according to the magazine this was due to its possible nutrient deficiencies and potential long-term health effects.

The diets were ranked according to published clinical research, nutritional analyses and U.S. dietary guidelines.

Consumer Reports also studied the eDiets, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet, and Volumetrics weight loss regimens, but did not rank those programs since they lacked data from long-term clinical trials.

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