High blood pressure reduces life expectancy

June 30, 2005 in Heart Health, Nutrition Topics in the News

High blood pressure reduces life expectancy

Researchers at Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam in The Netherlands have found that high blood pressure can cut life expectancy by up to 5 years and mean up to 7 more years of life with cardiovascular disease.

While high blood pressure is known to raise the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney failure, there is little data to suggest the effect that high blood pressure has on life expectancy.

These current findings, based on data from a long-running U.S. heart-health study that includes over 5000 men and women, suggest that the impact of high blood pressure on life expectancy is more significant that originally estimated. This study suggests that keeping blood pressure within the normal range (below 120/80 mm/Hg) could increase life expectancy and increase the number of disease-free years to peopleís lives.

To keep blood pressure in check, experts suggest maintaining a normal weight, exercising regularly, abstaining from smoking and eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and moderate in salt and alcohol.

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