Food habits linked with prostate cancer risk

August 31, 2005 in Men's Health, Nutrition Topics in the News, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

Food habits linked with prostate cancer risk

According to Canadian researchers, diets high in refined grain products, processed meats, red meat and organ meat could raise the risk of prostate cancer.

Researchers at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario examined the impact of a range of food habits on men with prostate cancer and men that were cancer-free. The four dietary patterns that were studied were identified as: Healthy Living, Traditional Western, Processed and Beverages.

According to the researchers, increased prostate cancer risk was apparent in the Processed diet, a pattern composed of processed meats, red meats, organ meats, refined grains, white bread, onions and tomatoes, vegetable oil and juice, soft drinks and bottled water. 

The Traditional Western diet, rich in red meats, processed meats, eggs, milk, desserts, potatoes, mayonnaise was associated with a slightly increased prostate cancer risk. The Beverage diet, a no-alcohol pattern with tap water, soft drinks and fruit juices, potatoes, poultry and margarine showed no association with an increased prostate cancer risk. Nor did the Healthy Living pattern, a diet heavy on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and poultry.

These findings support the idea that the consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables may be associated with a decreased prostate cancer risk.

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