Sesame, sunflower seeds best for lowering cholesterol

December 7, 2005 in Heart Health, Nutrition Topics in the News

Sesame, sunflower seeds best for lowering cholesterol

Researchers from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University have found that sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and pistachios rank among the best nuts and seeds to lower cholesterol. In the largest study of its kind, researchers examined over 27 different seeds and nuts to determine their content of phytosterols, compounds that have been shown to reduce cholesterol and improve heart health.

Other than sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pistachios, wheat germ also came out on top. Brazil nuts and walnuts were shown to have the lowest levels of phytosterols.

While these results are encouraging, researchers caution that phytosterols are not the only food component involved in lowering cholesterol. Healthy eating and regular exercise are also important for good health.

These latest findings appear in the November 30th issue of the American Chemical Society

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