Low fat diet beneficial for diabetics

February 8, 2006 in Diabetes & Diabetes Prevention, Nutrition Topics in the News

Low fat diet beneficial for diabetics

Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Loius are suggesting people with type 1 diabetes should consume a low fat diet after discovering the metabolism of a diabetic heart is affected by high fat levels in the blood.

To examine the effects of dietary fat on diabetics, researchers studied 11 healthy non-diabetics and 11 people with type-1 diabetes. Both sets of participants ate a standard meal (12 kcal per kg body weight) the night before the examination.

Researchers discovered diabetics had blood work with elevated levels of fatty acids, suggesting the heart muscles of type 1 diabetics relies heavily on fat and less on sugar for its needs. As a result, researchers suggest that by decreasing fat intake, people with type 1 diabetes could reduce the burden of fat metabolism on the heart.

To follow up on these findings researchers have started a large study of heart muscle metabolism in type 2 diabetics.

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