Canadians weigh more than previously reported

June 14, 2006 in Nutrition Topics in the News, Weight Management

Canadians weigh more than previously reported

A recent national survey conducted by Statistics Canada that actually weighed people, reveals that Canadians weigh more than previously reported.

Traditional estimates, based on personal reports of more than 130,000 people put the national obesity rate in 2005 at 15.5 percent. However, when researchers actually weighed Canadians, they found that rate rises to 24.3 percent.

These latest findings were based on a smaller population size of 4000 people. Researchers speculate the difference could be a result of the fact that men tend to overestimate their height, while women tend to underestimate their weight when self reporting occurs.

The overweight and obesity rates are based in the Body Mass Index, or BMI, which is calculated using heights and weights.

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