Vitamin K linked to bone health

June 28, 2006 in Nutrition Topics in the News, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

Vitamin K linked to bone health
According to a new meta-analysis published in the American Medical Association�s Archives of Internal Medicine, increased vitamin K from diet and supplements has a significant impact on bone health and drastically reduces hip fractures.

The meta-analysis pooled 13 randomized control trials of vitamin K supplementation for bone health and found that vitamin K supplementation was associated with a 77 percent reduction in hip fractures, 60 percent reduction in vertebral fractures and 81 percent reduction in non-vertebral fractures.

The exact mechanism behind the benefits is proposed to be due to vitamin K�s influence on the osteocalcin, a protein needed to bind calcium to the bone matrix.

While the results seem promising, researchers note more clinical trials are needed before supplement recommendations can be made.

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