King Pin Concepts Inc. is set to start selling "Blow" in Canada this summer.  This white powder which comes in bricks and vials, has been called "a training kit for future drug addicts" by a prison convict support group.  

Blow looks like Kool-Aid crystals but has the caffeine content of a six-pack of cola. One vial (5.75 g) delivers 240 milligrams of caffeine from 50 milligrams of kola nut extract.

Health Canada recommends a daily upper limit of 450 milligrams of caffeine per day for healthy adults. One 8-ounce (235 ml) cup of coffee from Starbucks contains 200 milligrams of caffeine.

King Pin Concepts Inc. has decided to market it's product to young males, club-goers and young people in general.

In addition to large amounts of caffeine, Blow also contains 140 milligrams of L-carnitine, 140 milligrams of inositol, and 2000 milligrams of taurine.

L-carnitine is supplement that's often used by bodybuilders to speed weight loss. Inositol is made naturally in the body and plays an essential role in maintaining cell membranes. Taurine is an amino acid that may produce anti-anxiety effect on the nervous system.

This drug-look-alike qualifies as a supplement under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's food labelling guidelines. However, the makers of Blow do not warn users of possible adverse effects.  

Adverse health effects of too much caffeine include muscle tremors, rapid heart rate, changes in blood pressure and increased risk of bone fractures due to disrupted calcium balance. 

Caffeine is defined as a drug because of its effect on the body, but also because it makes the user dependent. The more caffeine you consume, the more you feel you need it. People who are addicted to caffeine may feel anxious and irritable if they don't get their daily dose.  

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