Bright lighting encourages healthy food choices

May 31, 2016 in Healthy Eating, Nutrition Topics in the News

Bright lighting encourages healthy food choices

Dining in dimly lit restaurants has been linked to eating slowly and ultimately eating less than in brighter restaurants, but does lighting also impact how healthfully we order?

New research findings forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing Research illustrate that those dining in well-lit rooms are up to 24% more likely to order healthy foods than those in dimly lit rooms.

For the study, the researchers surveyed 160 restaurant patrons at four casual chain restaurant locations. Half of those diners, who were seated in brighter rooms, were more likely to choose healthier options (such as grilled/baked fish, vegetables or white meat) over relatively unhealthy items (such as fried food or dessert).

Sales records showed that those in dimly lit rooms actually ordered 39% more calories. In four additional lab studies involving 700 college-aged students, the researchers replicated these results.

If you feel alert, you'll order healthier foods

The researchers concluded that the main reason that we make healthier choices in well-lit spaces is because they feel more alert. “People feel more alert in brighter rooms and therefore tend to make more healthful decisions," explains the lead study author from the University of South Florida.

Follow-up studies also showed that when diners' alertness was increased with the use of a caffeine placebo or by simply giving a prompt to be alert, those in dimly lit rooms were just as likely as their peers in brightly lit rooms to make more healthful food choices.

Lighting is used to create ambience and enhance the dining experience, which is why many restaurants have dim lights.

The take-away? According to the researchers, doing what you can to make yourself feel alert is the best way to avoid overindulging when "dining-in-the-dark."

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Source: Journal of Marketing Research, 2016.

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