Beans: the next antioxidant?

September 19, 2000 in Healthy Eating, Heart Health, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

Beans: the next antioxidant?
Beans may rank with red wine and colorful fruits, berries and vegetables as nutritious cancer and heart disease-fighting foods, according to US research. Scientists at the Michigan State University in East Lansing, Mich. discovered the antioxidant potential of certain flavonoids found in the bean coat. Flavonoids are the colored pigments that may be the protective factor in red wine and other foods.

The researchers found eight flavonoids in the bean coat, six of which were particularly strong antioxidants. Beans come in a mosaic of colors that can rival those of fruits and vegetables. Their varietal names often reflect their attractive hues-like Jaguar. It\'s one of the latest black beans to emerge from the Michigan State University-USDA breeding team. Bean colors range from the plain white great Northern through the cranberry bean\'s cream with red streaks and flecks to the maroon-red adzuki--and all the way to the totally black bean.

Beans are also a great source of soluble fibre - the type that helps to lower cholesterol levels. And they�re considered a low fat vegetarian protein food.

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