Canadian food inspectors probe sports supplements

November 19, 2003 in Nutrition Topics in the News, Sports Nutrition and Exercise, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

Canadian food inspectors probe sports supplements

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has launched an investigation into nutritional supplements such as power drinks, energy bars and weight-loss products.

An internal report by the federal inspectors questions the safety of energy bars and power drinks, saying they contain ingredients not stated on the label. The report also says some of those products make health and performance claims that can't be substantiated.

"The presence in many of these products of non-permitted substances with pharmacological activity, excessive levels of vitamins and minerals and undeclared common food allergens put the health of Canadians at risk," said the report. In addition, the substitution in these products of desirable and expensive ingredients with inexpensive ingredients is a common type of fraud that results in economic loss for consumers.

Although power drinks and energy bars were initially used only by athletes, they're now used by many people looking for a quick boost or a meal replacement.

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