Can popular weight loss diets provide enough nutrients?

September 4, 2008 in Healthy Eating, Nutrition Topics in the News, Weight Management

Can popular weight loss diets provide enough nutrients?

People on popular diets like Weight Watchers can get enough nutrients even when they're eating less food, say researchers from Britain.

In this new study, 293 people on one of four popular weight loss plans - the Atkins Diet, Rosemary Conley's "Eat Yourself Slim", Slim Fast and Weight Watchers - tracked their weight and how much food that ate for two months.

All four diets led to weight loss but only people on the Weight Watchers plan boosted their intake of fruits and vegetables - even when their weight loss plans advised them eat more of these nutrient-rich foods.

There was no significant difference between the diets in terms of how much weight people lost. Weight loss results from the Atkins diet were similar to the Weight Watchers plan - except people on the latter ate more fruits and vegetables.

It's possible for people on popular diets to attain the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals, says this study's author.

This study shows that weight loss diets vary in results and nutritional quality. For weight management strategies that also protect your long-term health by being nutritional adequate, read about Healthy Ways to Lose Weight.

This study was published in Biomed Central's Nutrition Journal.

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